Sunday, August 31, 2014

Isla and The Happily Ever After

The final book from the Anna and The French Kiss has finally arrived!

I have to say I've loved this series for a long time. Back when I read the first one, Anna and the French Kiss, it made me want to go back to the time when I was an exchange student and I was pretty much like Anna during the first days of this adventure. Discovering this whole new world outside of your comfort zone and venturing out to a new world was pretty much how Stephanie Perkins described it in her book. When I found out there was another one from this same series coming out, I was ecstatic. Even more so when I discovered that it wasn't going to be the typical "sequel", but rather like a tie-in. Yes, I got to see more of Anna and Étienne, but I also got to fall in love with Lola and Cricket. And now, us fans, finally get to see how this all ends with Isla and Josh's love story.

So, in this third and final book, we meet (or rather get to see again and know more of) Isla, a senior at an American school in Paris. During the first pages we discover that for quite a while she has had a crush on Josh (whom we also met briefly during Anna), but she hadn't had the opportunity to act on it... until now, during the summer, in New York, where they both live, and with her being super high after a dentist's appointment.

That one summer night was magical for Isla, but she didn't see him again, at all, during their time off from school. Now she is back in Paris, and he seems more interested in her than ever before (I guess first impressions really do are important). They quickly fall in love... but sometimes, that isn't enough.

Sometimes, our own insecurities will destroy the one thing that is best for us, and if we don't have enough trust and confidence in ourselves, how can we believe it when someone else does? How can we believe someone who tell us of all the potential they see in us? This is what happens to Isla, and her journey of self discovery, for me, was quite eye opening.

I loved Isla and the Happily Ever After, but I also loved to rekindle my romance with Anna and Étienne, and Lola and Cricket. And now suddenly, I want to re-read them all over again...which I might do.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rebel Belle

¿Southern debutantes mixed with newfound superpowers? Why not! This is what you'll find when you read Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins.

So, Harper Price, town darling, president of everything, captain of all things, queen of life, is ready for her final year of high school and the crowning of her perfectly constructed life at the homecoming dance. But (as there is always a but), the night of said dance completely changes her life.

Due to an emergency change of lipstick color, she has to run to the bathroom minutes before being crowned, getting herself in the middle of a battle between the school janitor and one of her professors (WHAT? How can those two be fighting...and with swords or whatever those pointy things are called?). Just before he dies, the janitor transfers something special to her via a really awkward kiss. Now, Harper has to deal with superpowers while trying to be what she has always wanted to be and protect the life of the guy she hates the most: David Stark.

Turns out, Harper has been turned into a Paladin, an ancient guard in charge of protecting the oracle, whom just happens to be the guy who has made life impossible for her since they were in diapers (passive-agressive flirting anyone?). But she is not alone.

Ever since the Starks arrived in town, Saylor Stark has been the most prominent female figure in  their small town in Georgia and an authority in everything related to the Southern Belles, including the Cotillion where Harper will be "presented" to society (and you say quinceañeras are old fashioned!). Except, there is a reason why this has magically happened... she's a mage! Duh!

Now the three of them, the most awkward of teams, have to unite in order to protect David, who will someday have the power to destroy or save the world as they know it.

Rebel Belle is an easy and compelling read, the kind of book that you can just read in one go and finish it with a good taste in your... eyes? It has best friend drama, boyfriend drama, school drama, can I save the world drama... basically everything you could hope for in a Young Adult book. The characters are well crafted, the humour is humours and everything comes together quite nicely.

Go on... you know you want to read it! Do it!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Love, Rosie

If you've ever felt the need to read the personal emails, chats, letters and any kind of written messages from a friend of yours to every important person in her/his life, this is the book for you.

Love, Rosie (Also known as Where Rainbows End) doesn't have a "normal narrative" in the sense that there is "no narrator", but you get to know these characters in a series of written messages between all of them. This is the story of Rosie, a girl from Ireland that meets, without realizing it, her soulmate since kindergarden. Rosie and Alex become friends for life, without ever going into the romantic side of their relationship. Life happens to both of them, kids, college, marriages, divorces, jobs, more children, more marriages, more divorces and so on, the kind of stuff that could really happen to any one of us. As the tag line says, "they were inseparable, constantly being separated".

It isn't the typical love story, Rosie has to make a lot of sacrifices for the good of her family, and like it happens in life, she can't really be selfish and make choices that will only benefit her, as frustrating as that is, but that are for the good of what she already has.

I chose to read this book after I watched the trailer for the movie, which stars Lily Collins and Sam Claflin (two of my favorites). If you want to get an idea of what the book is about, you can watch the trailer below:

If you want to read romance with more that a little bit of reality mixed in it, go ahead an read Love, Rosie (Oh, and it also has a lot of good quotes about life and love and friendship and family and everything in between).

Monday, July 21, 2014

The magical Robert Galbraith

The last book I read was The Silkworm by the magical Robert Galbraith. Why magical? Because, as all of us "fanatics" now know, Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling's pseudonym, that of our hero and author of the Harry Potter series (raise your hand if you are a Potterhead! Hey-oh! o/).

How could I not read her new masterpiece the second it was published?

Ala "Nancy Drew", each of these novels (The Silkworm being the second one of the Cormoran Strike's series after The Cuckoo's Calling), discover the secrets behind recently committed crimes, and in this case the murder of semi-famous author Owen Quine. Everything under the leadership of private detective Cormoran Strike, and her determined assistant, Robin Ellacott.

On a personal note, what I most like about this novels is that they take me back to London and it's culture. The regular pub visits from the characters remind me of the times I spent in these very English places. But besides that, every book is like a really good season of a crowd favourite primetime crime drama ( let's say Scandal, since right now I am obsessed with it). In 400+ pages you get the drama, the suspense, the action and a teeny tiny bit of romance (cause that's not what this novels are about). And, like in the very best tv seasons, the plot twist at the end can only be figured out if the reader pays really close attention to what the author is trying to say; and like with the best finales, I was left anxious with the need of having the next book in my hands.

Obviously, you can't expect to read something Potter like in these novels, but perhaps you'll see a few winks from J.K. herself (shout out to Emma Watson!). And since she has mentioned that she expects to publish many more of these character's stories, I can sign up to read as many as she can possibly write.

So, four thumbs-up for Robert Galbraith!

Oh, and today marks the 7th anniversary from the release date of the last Potter book, and I think The Harry Potter Alliance made a great job at summarizing THA' FEELS. Read it here.

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars movie experience (TFIOS)

I know this will be just one of the MANY many reactions that you guys will probably read after The Fault In Our Stars premieres, but much like Hazel Grace, I just had to "talk" and share my thoughts about one of my favourite novels.

So, today I watched TFIOS at a pre-screening thing, and let me just say that I was not expecting the number of people that showed up. Being a Mexican Nerdfighter since 2007, I've seen the "piece by piece" growth of our little community in my country. And today, I just felt so PROUD to be a Nerdfighter. I didn't want to be such a "fan" but I couldn't help but wear my Project For Awesome t-shirt in case I encountered another fellow Nerdfighter, and I did. And it was awesome. 

The Green brothers have been able to create a community where us nerds can be able to talk about what excites us, what makes our heart rate quicken, what we are just so obsessed about we just can't help but think about all day long, and even in the nights. It is a community where we can just be ourselves, something that, sadly, not many people can do. 

It was today that I got to experience how important this is. I was in a movie theater where the book fans got together with the movie star fans, the nerdfighters, the "I got dragged in here but I still enjoyed myself" boyfriends and many other types of movie goers. And we all had a really nice time living this story, through a movie screen and many loud sobbing girls (and some boys too...yes, I saw you. Call me Amelie, but that's what I like to do). I think being a Nerdfighter means accepting the "nerd" in others, and with this community today it was abundantly clear that it can be done.

OK, I shed a tear, but what I really liked about the portrayal of TFIOS is that the main point of the story was translated to the screen. Yes, this story has sick kids in it, but it isn't a story about cancer, it is, above all, a story about love. 

If you haven't read the book, do it. If you want to watch the movie, do it. You really won't regret it.

Oh! And by the way, hello blog, in which I haven't written a thing since 2011. I think I'll come back to you. We will see.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hace tanto que no escribo un blog...

...que ya no me acuerdo cómo hacerlo. JA! En realidad, ahora me dedico a escribir posts para otro blog, así que hacer eso todo el día agota mis ganas de llegar a casa y seguir escribiendo. ¿Quién iba a decir que eso podía pasar?

Pero! Hoy es un sábado relativamente tranquilo, en el que sin nada más que hacer, y con una meta que siento voy a fracasar, les traigo los reviews de los últimos libros que he leído:

- Untamed de P.C Cast
Este libro pertenece a la serie House of Night, es el cuarto de muchos que todavía se siguen publicando, en el que la historia de Zoey se sigue contando después de convertirse en vampira. Como ya lo había dicho, no son unos vampiros cualquiera, sino que cuentan con poderes especiales y asisten a escuelas especiales donde educan a los estudiantes en el "arte" de su estado actual. Si les soy sincera, ya no recuerdo bien de qué se trata, sólo recuerdo que es en éste en el que se descubre a la villana, a la que desde el primer libro yo califiqué como "no confiable". BUHUU!

- Zombies vs Unicorns editados por Holly Black y Libba Bray
Una antología de diversos autores de lo young adult de EEUU, donde cada uno expone sus ideas y te trata de convencer para escojas un equipo en esta batalla. De una vez me declaro una zombie lover, pero eso no quiere decir que no haya disfrutado una que otra historia de unicornios; mi favorita de estas bestias: The Care of Feeding Your Baby Killer Unicorn de Diana Peterfreund. Es un libro que te recomiendo leas para entretenerte y conocer los distintos estilos de escritura de estos grandes autores.

- Leviathan de Scott Westerfeld
Libro de ciencia ficción que retoma hechos de la Primera Guerra Mundial y los combina con animales fantásticos, creados por el hombre, y máquinas, que aún en nuestros tiempo parece imposible que existan. Es un libro interesante pero definitivamente nada que no te puedas perder.

- Never Let Me Go de Kazuo Ishiguro
Confieso que este libro lo quise leer después de ver la película...¡oopsie! Aunque ya sabía lo que iba a pasar, como en todos los casos, lo que lees es diferente a los que ves. Me gustó muchísimo el libro por las relaciones que muestra entre sus personajes y por el carácter de la protagonista. Éste sí te lo recomiendo y es un must read.

- Dead Reckoning de Charlaine Harris
Como seguramente ya se habrán dado cuenta, soy fan la serie que habla sobre las aventuras de Sookie Stackhouse. En éste caso, podrás ver a Sookie deshacerse del lazo de sangre que la une a Eric y darse cuenta de una vez por todas que lo que siente es amor y no sólo una cuestión mística. Aunque al final, decepcionantemente se puede empezar a ver el fin de esta relación...le sigh.

- Soy El Número Cuatro de Pittacus Lore
Éste también lo leí después de ver la película y la verdad...ninguna de las dos me gustó. En la película, los personajes se muestran opuestos a lo que lees, y normalmente está bien ver la reinterpretación de lo escrito, pero nunca cuando cambias la esencia de los personajes. Y en cuanto al libro, para empezar el autor lo cuenta como si fuera una historia real, y después, la historia se siente como si no avanzara y parece que fue escrita para llamar la atención de productores (hecho que logró) que para cautivar a un lector.

- Clockwork Angel de Cassandra Clare
Un libro más que será hecho película, y éste en realidad me gustó. Habla sobre el mundo de los sobrenatural y la asociación encargada de proteger a los humanos de todo lo demás que existe en la tierra sin que ellos lo sepan. Más que nada, me gustó por el trío amoroso que se empieza a formar en este libro. ¿Qué puedo decir? ¡Me atrapa el drama!

Y ese fue el último libro que leí...¡desde junio! Por eso digo que cada vez veo más lejos lograr mi meta, pero aún así lo seguiré intentando. Ahorita estoy leyendo Let Me In, después subiré el review.

Libros Leídos: 9
Libros por leer: demasiados (27)

Sunday, April 03, 2011


bLAA, a los dos días de empezar BEDA ya fui un fail, pero hoy no tengo excusa para no postear, así que aquí va la reseña del segundo libro que leí.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson de John Green y David Levithan

Este libro ha sido el más gay que he leído en mi vida. Y no lo digo con la mala intención, muy por el contrario, es un halago. Es la primera vez que se toca el tema desde una perspectiva, que se podría decir, interna. Podrás ver desde la dificultad de un chavo en aceptar que es gay, hasta lograr actuar basándose en lo que siente. Es un libro de aceptación tanto de la hamosexualidad como de la heterosexualidad.

El libro está contado desde dos perspectivas. Will Grayson conoce a su homónimo Will Grayson en el lugar más random que te puedas imaginar y sus vidas se ven entrelazadas desde ese momento. Uno vive bajo el motto de la indiferencia, y el otro bajo el de la negación. Los capítulos se van intercalando para conocer las historias de ambos y llegar a conocer a sus personajes.

En definitiva recomiendo mil veces este libro y una vez más alabo a los autores.

Libros leídos: 5
Libros por leer: 30